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The History of Yodeling

It has been reported by reliable sources that the history of yodeling in Switzerland had a very unusual beginning.

Once upon a time an aged man lived high upon a peak in the Swiss Alps. Once a year he went into town for supplies before retreating to his recluse for 364 more days of isolation with only his wife and daughter. During one of those annual trips to the valley below, he met a homeless man sitting on a street corner holding a sign that said, "Will Work For Food."

Well, to make a short story longer, this man had compassion upon this vagabond and invited him to his mountain peak home to work for food. During his stay there, the Swiss man left the homeless man alone at home one morning to care for his goats while he went further upon the mountains to look for something that only mountain recluses know about. Fortunately, he quickly found what he was looking for and returned unannounced to find the homeless man kissing his daughter.

He became so infuriated the Swiss man grabbed the homeless vagabond by nape of the neck and dragged him to the furthermost part of the peak. Just before flinging the vagabond off the mountain, he said, "This is for what you did to my daughter." Then, as the vagabond plummeted to his death, the Swiss man heard him boastfully scream as he fell to his death, "Andyouroldladytoo."

For many years the Swiss villagers taunted the old mountain man every year with the same words "Andyouroldladytoo." During one of those annual taunts, a musician heard "Andyouroldladytoo" and from there yodeling was born.

Squish Date 01/14/2000

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