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The Most Popular Oxymorons

Act naturally
Advanced BASIC
Airline food
Almost exactly
Alone together
Black light
Bricked-up window
British fashion
Business ethics
Butt head
California culture
Christian Scientists
Civil war
Clearly misunderstood
Computer jock
Computer security
Criminal justice
Crisis management
Death benefits
Definite maybe
Diet ice cream
Divorce court
Down escalator
Dry wine
Elementary calculus
Ethical government
Exact estimate
Extra time
Fast idle
Found missing
Freezer burn
Fresh frozen
Genuine imitation
Good grief
Gourmet pizza
Government organization
Great depression
Guest host
Half full
Hard pillow
Hopelessly optimistic
Hospital food
Industrial park
Invisible ink
Irate patient
Jumbo Shrimp
Junk food
Lean pork
Legally drunk
Little giant
Living dead
Mandatory option
Microsoft Works
Mild abrasive
Military intelligence
Minor disaster
New classic
Non-stop flight
Now, then . . .
Old news
Original copy
Partially completed
Passive aggression
Peace force
Peacekeeper missile
Plastic glasses
Political science
Pretty ugly
Rap music
Resident alien
Restless sleep
Rock music
Rubber bone
Safe sex
Same difference
Sanitary landfill
Scheduled play
Silent scream
Small crowd
Soft rock
Software documentation
Standard deviation
Sure bet
Sweet sorrow
Synthetic natural gas
Taped live
Temporary tax increase
Terribly pleased
Tight slacks
Turbo Diesel
Twelve-ounce pound cake
Unacceptable solution
Work party
Working vacation

Squish Date 06/07/1998

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